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Who is the owner of
I Can See Clearly Now?

The owner of “I can see clearly now” is Matthew Brown. Matthew and his wife traded in the suit and tie jobs to start this business before the turn of the century.

They have lived on the Gold Coast all their lives and are from very well respected long term Gold Coast families. They are also very well traveled and have been together for 30 years. They are blessed with 2 beautiful children. 

“The business has grown solidly over the years by delivering what we promise. The team are all pros that take pride in their job. Our client base, both domestically and commercially has mainly grown by word of mouth.”

Why did you start window cleaning?

“I believe every home and business needs to have their glass cleaned professionally. Look at the staggering amount of glass these days.  Someone’s got to clean it and who has got the time or energy to do it properly?”

“It’s a service that people need on a regular basis. Most people say they hate cleaning windows but I love it.  I enjoy taking on new challenges (and delivering). Also meeting new people and building business relationships into the future.”

“I love new customer’s reactions when we can turn filthy glass, tracks, screens and frames into display home perfection with elbow grease, detergent, water and skill in front of their eyes.”

“I’d been a suit and tie guy for years, both here and overseas. I’d rather work outdoors and get the hands dirty. Start early, finish in time to play with my kids in the afternoon.”

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