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We use a high powered vacuum to suck clean the tracks, drop sheets & towels are always used to protect carpets & furniture, we are happy to sweep decks etc. We usually mop hi rise balconies. All measures are taken to leave your property spotless.

Factors apply to this question. Beach front homes or high rise units need a lot of attention. Particularly at the stormy time of the year to remove salt build up.

Full service once a year then 2 or 3 outside glass & high traffic area cleans should do it. Water front homes are similar. As for the many different homes in this region…… call us and we will be there. A lot of people use us for special occasions, home goes on the market, guests arriving. Clean windows always make a home look fantastic.

Ideally you want us to get your home as clean as it can be. If needed we clean your frames, tracks, screens, glass, mirrors, pool fence everything….., then regular maintenance cleans often take significantly less time….hence cost less. We also do soft washing and house /driveway wash downs with high pressure.

Yes, if its glass we clean it. Louvres and colonial glass takes a significantly more time but always looks amazing when we finish.

Yes, we have successfully completed hundreds of final cleans. From hi rise, luxury homes, retail centres, townhouse complexes, schools. Job inspection is usually required before we take on final cleans.

Full service. If your selling a home, we will clean it. As you know…clean windows can often increase the perceived value of a home. Move out & bond cleans.

We can organise Abseiling. We clean holiday rental units in buildings, people call us from interstate, we are happy to liaise with the building manager & give the glass, frames, balconies etc the full treatment before arrival. Lots of our regular work comes from some of the high end residential buildings. We also service many Air B & B’s.

Yes……If you have a regional specialised job we can travel. As long as the costs are covered we are happy to work almost anywhere. We end up in Brisbane often for big jobs. We do heaps of work in Toowoomba and at least 10 trips to Melbourne in the last few years.

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